Bostitch Air Compressors: All Your Questions Answered

Bostitch is a well-known name in the tool industry. They’ve been around for long enough to have been used by your great grandfather. Granted, their air compressors haven’t been around for that long, but they know tools, that’s for sure. Still, with globalization and most manufacturing outsourced to other countries, it’s common to wonder about any air compressor you’re considering. So read on as we answer whether Bostitch compressors are any good, where they’re made, and other information about the company and their air compressors. 

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Are Bostitch Air Compressors Any Good?

Bostitch air compressors are consistently well-rated, making them ideal for homeowners. They’re all designed for ease of use, portability, and no-maintenance pumps. These factors come together with the affordable price tags on the compressors to make for quality tools at low prices. 

You’ll likely notice that the Bostitch compressor designs are very similar to other major names on the market. Side-by-side comparisons to other similar compressors on the market won’t yield you a huge difference in terms of quality, CFM, or max PSI. However, you’re likely to spend less money on a Bostitch compressor than other brands for the same quality, which is good to know and can save you a few bucks at purchase. 

Who Makes Bostitch Air Compressors?

Bostitch is owned by parent company Stanley Black & Decker. So while the Bostitch compressors still have the Bostitch name, it seems that they’re manufactured by the parent company. 

Bostitch Company History

Founded as the Boston Wire Stitch Company in 1896, Bostitch started off manufacturing wire stitches and machines for use with books, calendars, and other things. They pioneered the desk stapler and invented an early version of the modern staplers found in nearly every home and office today. 

In 1930, they changed their name to Bostitch. After devoting their facilities to help the war effort during World War 2, they started making other industrial tools, such as coil and framing nailers. 

In 2013, Stanley Black & Decker started selling Bostitch tools in big box stores.  

Where Are Bostitch Air Compressors Made?

Most Bostitch compressors feature wording that says “Made in the USA with global materials.” While this language is vague, it’s likely that Bostitch assembles foreign-made parts in the USA. These parts are probably made in China and Mexico. What’s not clear is whether the compressors are assembled at Black & Decker’s plant in Jackson, TN, or Bostitch’s plant in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. 

How Long Do Bostitch Air Compressors Last?

Most Bostitch air compressors are designed for home use, which means they’re not ideal for constant use. So how long a compressor lasts depends on how much you use it. Most homeowners can get many years out of a Bostitch compressor, easily. Five to ten years is a good length of time for the life of a Bostitch compressor. 

What Are Bostitch Compressors Good For?

Bostitch compressors are good for a variety of uses. The specific uses all depend on the CFM for the given compressor. The higher the CFM, the more tools you can use with the compressor. Most Bostitch compressors are comparable to other compressors of similar size. They’re useful for things like brad and finish nailing, stapling, frame nailing, and filling tires. 

Bostitch Warranty Information

Bostitch compressors are covered by a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. This is pretty standard for home compressors, and other comparable compressors on the market have similar warranties. 

Do Bostitch Air Compressors Have Lifetime Warranties?

Bostitch air compressors don’t have lifetime warranties. They only offer 1-year limited warranties. 

Types and Sizes of Bostitch Air Compressors Available

Right now, Bostitch has seven main compressors of varying sizes. Read on to take a look at the available sizes and their specs. 

Small and Portable

The small and portable Bostitch sizes available are between 1.2 gallons and 4 gallons. They have 1.5 HP motors and are capable of between 135 and 150 PSI. They can deliver between 2.0 to 4.0 CFM @ 90 PSI. They are all small and easy to move, making them all ideal for home use and for light work on the job site.


For medium-sized air compressors, Bostitch offers two different 6-gallon compressors, one oil-lubricated and the other oil-free. The most popular of the two is a pancake-style 6-gallon. It’s a 150 PSI max with an oil-free pump. It can deliver 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI and weighs only 30 pounds. The oil-lubricated model is a horizontal-style 6-gallon compressor that’s capable of 3.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI. It has a handle and wheels for easy transport around the job site or the garage.

Large Air Compressors

If you’re looking for a large compressor, Bostitch offers a 15-gallon and a 26-gallon model. The smaller model offers 5.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI, allowing for the use of a wide range of air tools. It offers a max PSI of 200 and has wheels and a handle for easy movement. The larger compressor has a max PSI of 150 and delivers 4.1 SCFM @ 90 PSI. It has an oil-free pump and has large 10-inch wheels for movement. It’s a vertical style tank and starts up quickly, even in cold weather.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Bostitch Air Compressors

We’ve covered the Bostitch company history and what compressors they offer, but we haven’t talked much about the pros and cons of these compressors. Let’s get into it now. 

What We Like: Bostitch Compressor Pros

  • Built to Last – Bostitch reviews constantly include the words “Built to last.” Many people buy Bostitch because there’s been one in the garage for years. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but they do tend to last a long time. 
  • Highly Portable – All the Bostitch compressors are either light enough to move by hand or have nice big wheels for easy movement. For those who need to move their compressor around, this is a big plus. 
  • Quick Fill – One of the best things about Bostitch compressors is their ability to fill quickly. No one wants to wait around for their compressor to fill up so they can use it, so this is a nice perk that is a step above other compressors. 
  • Oil-Free – Most Bostitch models feature oil-free pumps, which means you don’t have to worry about changing the oil or other oil maintenance factors. You get the long life of the compressor without the annoying maintenance of oil-lubricated models. 
  • Brand Name – Although Bostitch hasn’t been making compressors for the company’s life, they have made a name for themselves in terms of reliable tools. Coupled with their parent company, Stanley Black & Decker, you can trust in the brand. 

What We Don’t Like: Bostitch Compressor Cons

  • Warranty Period – The warranty period for Bostitch air compressors is only 1 year. And while this is standard in these cost-effective compressors, it leaves something to be desired. You’d be better off paying for additional coverage, just in case. 
  • Pressure Readings – The dials on Bostitch compressors can be a little off at times. Many people report a variance of 2 PSI, give or take. This can be inconvenient when working at times. 

Are Bostitch Air Compressors Worth It?

Bostitch compressors are worth it for most homeowners or those that only need a compressor for occasional use. As a brand, they’ve been making quality tools for a long time. Plus, they’re now a subsidiary of Black & Decker, which helps ensure good customer service and longevity.  

Best Bostitch Air Compressor for Home Use

Now for our recommendation. The compressor below is highly rated and great for a variety of uses around the home. As always, you’ll want to check the specs to make sure it’s good for your needs. 

This Bostitch pancake compressor is the best of both worlds. You get a compressor that doesn’t take up a ton of room but thanks to the 6-gallon tank, you get a longer run time. The rubber feet and the compact design make storage easy. Plus, it only weighs 29 pounds and features a carrying handle so you can take it with you easily. It’s oil-free, which means you don’t have to worry about checking or changing the oil. It also comes with a 50’ air hose and an inflation and blow gun accessory kit. 



  • 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI
  • 150 Max PSI
  • 6 Gallon Tank for Longer Run Times
  • Oil-Free Pump
  • Quick Start in Cold Weather
  • High Flow Regulator
  • Dual Couplers for Simultaneous Use
  • Lightweight at Only 29 Pounds
  • Easy-to-Carry Handle
  • Includes 50’ Rubber & PVC Blend Hose
  • Includes Accessory Kit

Bostitch Air Compressors FAQ’s

What types of air compressors does Bostitch offer?

Bostitch offers a range of air compressors, including high performance air compressors, portable air compressors, pancake air compressors, and hot dog air compressors.

What are some features of Bostitch air compressors?

Bostitch air compressors feature high efficiency motors, quiet operation, and tank capacities ranging from 1 to 6 gallons. Some models also come with two universal couplers for easy connection to pneumatic tools.

What are some examples of pneumatic tools that can be used with Bostitch air compressors?

Bostitch air compressors are compatible with a range of pneumatic tools, including finish nailers, crown staplers, and other fastening tools.

Does Bostitch offer combo kits that include air compressors and other items?

Yes, Bostitch offers combo kits that include air compressors and other accessories such as sample fasteners, for use in DIY projects or professional applications.

What is Bostitch’s customer service response time?

Bostitch customer service typically responds to inquiries within one business day, providing prompt and helpful support to customers looking to purchase or use Bostitch products.


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